Yellow won the smartLIGHT™ campaign for Ascensia, a renowned diabetes care company, by participating in a Europe-wide pitch competition, with six more countries taking part in it. The campaign was one of global appeal, with an outreach in seventeen countries and was based on Ascensia’s newest smartLIGHT™ technology, which revolutionized BGMs.




The challenges of the case were twofold. Firstly, it was imperative that the concept would be suitable for both mature and non-mature market audiences with minor adjustments, which would serve the second challenge, which would be the achievement of a unified and clear campaign image across all countries and target audiences. The above two tasks were to be achieved, while also meeting the given budget.


In response to the above tasks, we came up with a single-minded, strong idea that paved a clear message to both target audiences, whilst satisfying the creative needs of the campaign, which included a video, printed leaflets, and some more digital materials like web banners. It challenged the theme of illumination, which is central to the smartLIGHT™ brand, by using the lighthouse as a main feature in the campaign. This concept send, both a clear message to the target audiences and aligned with the unifying concept of “illumination”, whilst being on strategy and within the budget.

Mockups Design



The success of the campaign was evident, as it surpassed the effectiveness of any new ones and will therefore, be updated and relaunched.