Once upon a time, OTC market in Greece was under-developed and 8 out of 10 OTC products were kept hidden in cold, dark drawers. Right there in the dark we saw  an opportunity to grow! We had to capture it, become the 1st company to create OTC category visibility in-store and lead market change! Inspired by this vision, we set the strategies. The key-drivers… and our mission began. First of all, we had to Get to know our shopper and understand the purchase journey. These learnings led us to conceive the  “I take care of my health” concept! A smart OTC signage, that is color coded depending on the OTC categories, with realistic visuals to help the shopper’s navigation, and easily transformable to fit any pharmacy. The concept was implemented in 12 pilot pharmacies.The Results: 70% of shoppers reached the OTC lay out. 50% bought an OTC product, while 56% of them had no previous intention of buying. And  97% said that “this lay out makes shopping easier!” Mission accomplished. OTC products finally saw the light of the day. But we will not stop until we roll-out in all top pharmacies in Greece… and we will all live healthier ever after!

BURKES AWARDS from Alexandros Karabatzos on Vimeo.