And we all lived healthier ever after.
A process innovation that paved the lead in market change.



This campaign was of special importance due to the innovative way in which, Yellow managed, by creating OTC visibility and category management, to make J&J lead market change and grow in an underdeveloped market. Prior to this strategy, 8 out of 10 OTC products were kept hidden in drawers and were not preferred by clients.

BURKES AWARDS from Alexandros Karabatzos on Vimeo.


In order for this strategy to work, there were several challenges that were to be faced. Essentially, we had to make sure that we were compliant with legal and healthcare regulations. Thereupon, we familiarized ourselves with the habits of our target consumers and their purchase journey, in order to create a strategy that best serves the average pharmacy consumer.


The “I take care of my health” initiative was the answer to the above and it consisted of a color-coded, consumer-friendly signage system that assisted in quicker navigation through the shelves. In addition, the shelves were organized in particular categories based on previous research finds.